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Redrobot3D presents "Interspecies Communication 4"

Redrobot3D proudly presents
Interspecies Communication 4
“Beta Tester”
Life is pretty sweet for 2118. She lives a life of luxury provided by the Mega Corporation “Xeno Interactive life Forms” as one of their starring beta testers. However her days as a Beta Tester doesn’t mean sitting in front of a computer fixing codes and glitches, no she’s a living sex doll for the latest generation of custom made synthetic sex organisms. Her body (more specially her vagina) is spent daily trying out whatever new sex addicted life form the boys in R&D can dream up of.
One night when testing out an update of one of their more popular models, 2118 is given an expected assignment of being the first to try out a brand new model by the head of Marketing. The Board of Directors want a full show on what they think their next breakout product will be. 2118 is given the task of busting it cherry for their viewing pleasure.
However when 2118 is introduced to model X-45 all expectations fly out the window. This synthetic organism knows what it wants and how to get it. Will 2118 be able to withstand the intense sexual pleasure of this highly intelligence and horny life form? Or will her days as the premiere Beta Tester come to an end? Find out in “Interspecies Communication 4”!
“Interspecies Communication 4” is the follow up to the ever popular series by 3DX artist Redrobot3D. It continues the tradition of featuring hard core erotica between beautiful human women and their alien lovers. This brand new entry into the series continues the genre breaking rule of traditional sci-fi erotica and explores what sexuality will mean in the far future.

Price: 12.00

You can get this brand new comic as being a part of my Patreon over at:…

This image series comes in a PDF format. It’s compatible with Adobe Reader 9 and above.
File size: 24MB
Image resolution: 1920 x 1080

Rated X for Mature Adults.
This set of images contains sex scenes and is only for mature audiences.


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