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Redrobot3D new Patreon Page

After much consideration we here at Redrobot3D have decided to update our business model. The subscription model we had set up at the start of the site has proven not to be the best method of producing revenue. We actually found it more time intensive and wasn’t worth the labor costs of creating two brands of content for both paying and free members. We found people were abusing the system and taking advantage of what we offered to a point where we were losing money from having it set up.
Being that I’m just one artist producing material for the site. I found it difficult producing enough material to justify charging people $15.00 a month. If I had a team of artists working with me and we were generating daily and weekly updates I could see the benefits of a subscription. But as individual not so much.
That being said. We are going to be moving to a Patreon based backing system. This has worked for a lot of other 3DX artists and feel that it would be a better fit for our site.
What this will include will be that all mini sets and pin ups will be first backed by supporters before being moved to the site here. That way I can have direct contact with my fan base and see what they’re looking for in particular. The Redrobot3D store will stay where I’ll offer my comics directly to the customer base. I will still be taking commissions from the site.
Once again to confirm. The monthly subscription feature of Redrobot3D will no longer be available. However the yearly subscription membership ($108.00 annually) will still be offered and will still grant access to all galleries, comic releases, and mini sets. Also all yearly subs get 4 free commissions of any character from my library.
To contribute to the new Redrobot3D Patreon please follow the link:

Patreon Awards and Benefits:

For those of you wishing to contribute to my new patreon. Here’s what you’re be getting for your hard earned cash.
Robot (First Tier)
$1 or more per month 
  • My eternal thanks and gratitude! I know not everyone has a huge wallet, but what you can chip in is greatly appreciated!
Android (Second Tier)
$5 or more per month 
  • A huge thank you! Everyone month you’ll receive an exclusive patreon image only! Caution: It may be sexy!
  • Previews of upcoming comics and behind the scenes.
  • Story Poll access
  • Suggest an image idea. Might get selected and posted!
Cyborg (Third Tier)
$15 or more per month 
  • A huge thank you! Everyone month you’ll receive an exclusive image that won’t be on my blog or deviant art page. Caution: It may be sexy!
  • Copy of new monthly Redrobot3D comic before official release.
  • Preview of upcoming comics and behind the scenes.
  • Suggest an image idea. Might get selected and posted!
  • Story Poll Access
Cylon (Fourth Tier)
$30 or more per month 
  • One free two character image featuring any model in my library!
  • Exclusive previews of upcoming comics and behind the scenes.
  • Free comic of monthly comic
  • Access to mini sets and pinps
  • image suggestion. Might get selected and posted here on my site and Patreon.
  • Poll Access
Terminator (Fifth Tier)
$50 or more per month 
  • 2 free images using any model in my library!
  • Exclusive previews of upcoming comics and stories.
  • Story Poll
  • Free copy of my monthly comic a PDF Format.
  • All above rewards and more!


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