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Redrobot3D presents "Interspecies Communication 4"

Redrobot3D proudly presents
Interspecies Communication 4
“Beta Tester”
Life is pretty sweet for 2118. She lives a life of luxury provided by the Mega Corporation “Xeno Interactive life Forms” as one of their starring beta testers. However her days as a Beta Tester doesn’t mean sitting in front of a computer fixing codes and glitches, no she’s a living sex doll for the latest generation of custom made synthetic sex organisms. Her body (more specially her vagina) is spent daily trying out whatever new sex addicted life form the boys in R&D can dream up of.
One night when testing out an update of one of their more popular models, 2118 is given an expected assignment of being the first to try out a brand new model by the head of Marketing. The Board of Directors want a full show on what they think their next breakout product will be. 2118 is given the task of busting it cherry for their viewing pleasure.
However when 2118 is introduced to model X-45 all expectations fly out…

Redrobot3D presents "Cara Lox:Womb of the Dead"

Redrobot3D Presents
“Cara Lox: Womb of the Dead” International relic hunter and explorer Cara Lox is on her latest sexy adventure in this exciting new comic by Redrobot3D and erotica author Barbie Lez.

“Cara Lox has been exploring endlessly across the jungle for the famed long lost tomb of King Magnum Phallus. Having little luck, she pushes onward in hopes of uncovering what the dead king left behind. Not fearing the curse of his undead guardians, La Vivens Mortua, Cara Lox happens across the final resting place of the well-endowed King.
Back at camp she satellite calls her lover to tell him the good news and have a very hot and private session. However as things start to heat up, Cara Lox finds herself surrounded by the guards of the king! Cara is no match for the undead gang bang that follows and soon finds herself a willing participant in their orgy of lust! Giving into her desires Cara Lox sucks and fucks every last one of them until they’ve had their undead balls dra…

Redrobot3D new Patreon Page

After much consideration we here at Redrobot3D have decided to update our business model. The subscription model we had set up at the start of the site has proven not to be the best method of producing revenue. We actually found it more time intensive and wasn’t worth the labor costs of creating two brands of content for both paying and free members. We found people were abusing the system and taking advantage of what we offered to a point where we were losing money from having it set up.
Being that I’m just one artist producing material for the site. I found it difficult producing enough material to justify charging people $15.00 a month. If I had a team of artists working with me and we were generating daily and weekly updates I could see the benefits of a subscription. But as individual not so much.
That being said. We are going to be moving to a Patreon based backing system. This has worked for a lot of other 3DX artists and feel that it would be a better fit for o…