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Redrobot3D Cyber Monday Sale

Redrobot3D is having a Cyber Monday sale! This sale includes 35% off of all comics and yearly memberships! To see how you can get this special limited time offer head over to my website here:

Brand new release "Patient 33"

"Patient 33”
The Patient awakes alone in her cell. No memory of how or why she is there. Her head is foggy, a strange taste in her mouth, and an even weirder sensation between her legs. Who brought her here? What did they want? She doesn’t know. She just knows that something is terribly wrong.
Looking down, she is shocked to see that her pussy is now gone, replaced with a throbbing massive cock. It aches to be touch. She can’t fight the urges that it sends her. She resists, trying to find out what is happening to her, and remember what her name is.
A nurse enters the room. “Maybe she can help!” the Patient thinks. She begs the nurse to answer her, but gets no reply. The nurse brings her food and drink, checks her pulse, but seems totally unaware of the Patient and her questions. The nurse is aware however of that pulsing cock in front of her and takes it into her hand. The Patient can’t resist the nurse and gives in, allowing the strange woman to have her way with h…

Redrobot3D interview Mongo Bongo!

Redrobot3D is proud to announce the newest in our artist interviews. This month’s guest is the one and only Mongo Bongo! Check out what one of the longest running 3DX artists has to say about working in the genre.

Redrobot3D blog store closed

I wanted to give everyone an update that visits the Redrobot blogspot store. I have closed it down following last month's "With One Partner" sale. That title will no longer be available for purchase on here. If you are still interested in getting that title, you will have to email me directly.

My other store at is still open and carries all my titles. Please check there for new releases and updates!

"With One Partner" Final Sale and Price Cut! Now 12.99

Update: For the last 10 days of the month I'm dropping the price further to 12.99!!! 

Hello everyone! Just to let you all know I will be closing down my sendowl store at the end of the month. The only title I have on sendowl is  "With one Partner".  Hence after the end of October it will not be be available for sale anywhere! It's had a great run and been a very successful title outside of the mainstream 3DX sites. Sadly it doesn't fit in with the themes of my new site and keeping it up is costing me money.
That being said I'm cutting the price down from $19.99 to $12.99 for the remainder of the month! If you've been wanting to pick up this 125 page epic comic of bestial proportions, now is the time! Here is the purchase link:
Once again, after this month this title will not be available for purchase off of any store or site.
Thanks for looking!

Interspecies Communication 3-The Stowaway

News at Redrobot3D

Want to know what's happening with Redrobot3D? Check out the news at
We have a lot of updates coming to the site! New members only pinups, comics, mini sets, and commission previews!

Redrobot3D interviews Anagord

The artist collective at is continuing to grow! This week we had a chance to sit and and talk to our first bonafide content creator, Anagord!
In case you don’t know, Anagord is a texture/character artist that has been on the scene for a few years now. She specializes in highly stylized figures that are a true sight to behold! To check out some of her amazing work and read about what she had to say about working in 3D, check out our interview here:

The Insatiable She-Rage! New 3DX comic release

Redrobot3D and Bella Sinns Media Proudly Present

“The Insatiable She-Rage”

It’s been another long night of taking down the world’s worst villain for mild mannered Katie Tanner. Looking for a way to relieve her stress and get a good work out in, Katie heads to her local gym.
While there she encounters two young and handsome men that are more than willing to get hands on with the nubile young woman. Unbeknownst to them however that Katie is harboring a huge secret. She is the one and only Insatiable She-Rage! When the blood gets pumping in her veins she becomes a one woman army and nothing is going to stop her from getting a good fuck to cool down her sexy green skin!
Now at the mercy of the emerald skinned titan, the young men will have to fuck, suck, and tag team this heroine of epic proportions to her satisfaction. Will they be able to withstand her super human endurance for sex? Or will they falter and leave the world at the mercy of this unstoppable giantess of lust?  F…

Brand new Interview at

Redrobot3D has a brand new interview with a top name in the 3DX field. This week we sit down and have a chat with the one and only Gazukull! Learn what makes this creative force in the industry tick!…

(Image above is by Gazukull. All credits are used with permission)

Helen Black Vampire Hunter-Torment

Redrobot3D and Bella Sinns Publishing Proudly Present

“Helen Black Vampire Hunter: Torment”

“Helen Black finds herself trapped in Hell! After narrowly surviving her encounter with the Futa Vamps, the young vampire hunter searches in vain for a way out of damnation. Unknowing to her James, her lover and mentor, is a prisoner of the demon lord, Davar.  Seeing a chance to rescue him and escape the fiery prison, Helen rushes at the dark prince with the intent of escaping together. What she soon learns though is that Davar has greater plans for both her and James when he introduces them to his newest disciples. Will Helen and James be able to resist the sexual torment bestowed upon them? Find out in this next thrilling and erotically charged chapter of Helen Black!”
“Helen Black Vampire Hunter: Torment” is the next chapter in the continuing 3DX horror erotica series by artist Redrobot3D and writer Bella Sinns. Started in 2015 the bestselling “Helen Black” pushes the boundaries …

Interspecies Communication 2

Redrobot3d and Senshi Publishing Proudly Present
“Inter species Communication 2”

It’s another boring night alone up in space. Metsa, a young easy going explorer, takes some much needed time off from her duties to catch up on her social media. However, when an ad appears on her newsfeed promising a more entertaining way to pass the time, she finds the offer is too good to refuse!  Metsa orders the newest in the line of sexually orientated manufactured organisms (SOMOs). This horny multi-limbed aggressor takes no time in getting Metsa good and wet before having its way with her over and over again in the crewmen’s cabin! Will Metsa be able to withstand the nonstop sexual adventure with her new alien friend? Find out in “Interspecies Communication 2”.

Inter species Communication 2 is the next chapter in the ongoing sci-fi erotica adventure started by 3DX artist Redrobot3D. Joining him this time is up and coming French erotica author Camille Juteau of Senshi Publishing. Togethe…

Trimming down the Redrobot3D blog store

Hey everyone! To save me some money I am taking off a lot of my older titles off the Redrobot3D blog store. These titles are now available at my new site store here.
A few titles like "With one Partner" will still be available for purchase as it does not fit into my style over on my main site. Other sets like that will be only available on the blog store. Sorry to split the revenue like that but I have to think mainstream a bit.
Thanks a lot!

Redrobot3D Interviews Epoch-Art!

Redrobot3D is proud to present the first interview in our new Artist collective section of the site! This month's interview is with the one and only Epoch Art! If you're fan of Epoch and his amazing characters then definitely give it a read. It's a very insightful glimpse into the mind of one of the best 3DX artists in the industry!

Like Redrobot3D? Check out my site!

I've noticed that I'm still getting a good number of visitors to this blog. While I'm very appreciative that people come here regularly, I would highly recommend that you check out my new site for all my latest updates, information, releases, and upcoming interviews.

This blog will mostly be used as a back catalog for my older works, announcements, and titles that I don't feel necessarily fit on the main site. So updates will be further and far between. Please book mark the new page, sign up for the free monthly newsletter, and if you're feeling generous, sign up for a monthly subscription! That helps to pay for a lot of new sets, characters, props, and effects that I put into my projects. It would mean a lot to me! Click on the image to be taken to the new site!

Brawlin' Babes: The Cage Match

Two female wrestlers break script and really go at it in the cage. Perhaps a personal grudge gone to far? Or unbridled rage and lust? You never know!

Redrobot3D needs your vote!

Redrobot3D has a poll going on what comic series and characters you want to see more of! Please stop by our front page and vote! It will help determine my production schedule for the next couple of months!

Redrobot3D presents "Plumbing Service"!

Redrobot3D with Bella Sinns
Proudly Present
Plumbing Service”
 A Brand new 3DX adventure.

It’s a hot and sultry day in Beverly Hills. Bored house wife Ayumi is tired of having to take nothing but cold showers and calls for some emergency service from the neighborhood plumbing company.
Gemma, the strikingly beautiful pipe expert, arrives at Ayumi’s massive mansion and quickly learns that she wants more than her pipes taken care of! Unable to resist the temptation of the Asian siren, the two of them quickly get to work getting to know each other on the couch!
As Ayumi heads south on Gemma, she makes a shocking discovery! Gemma is actually a well-endowed Futanari! Gemma roughly works her massive snake into Ayumi’s tight cunt and shows her how well she lays down her pipe!
Will Gemma be able to fix Ayumi’s leaking pussy before her husband comes home? Is Gemma’s dick too much for the petite beauty to handle? If you’re a fan of hot futa action, dirty talk, and compelling stories t…

A visit to the Vet

"Babydoll had been thrilled out of her mind when she landed an internship with prize winning vet Allison Goodwin. Dr. Goodwin was known for breeding some of the top winning show dogs around the world with her experiment and highly unorthodox methods. While they were a closely guarded secret of her practice, Babydoll learned first hand what was going to be required of her if she was to keep her dream job!"

If you like my work and want to support more fantastic art such as this, check out my new website at 

Or you can support me at Patreon which will host exclusive beast related content as the membership grows.

Check out my new site for updates

Check out for a preview list of all my upcoming titles! My weekly blog updates will now be up and running on my site now that it's getting ready to officially launch. All my new blog postings will be on there from here on forth. As the official site gets ready for release, all content here will be migrating to the new site. Please update your bookmarks for the new site!

Mysteries of the Ape-Men

“A young naturalist studying the once secret clan of the ape-men learns how to be accepted into the group!”
An idea for a short that I might do. What do you all think?

New Redrobot3D store!

Just a heads up, the new Redrobot3D store is now up and live! Featuring a much easier to use check out system, just click on the comics you want to read and hit check out! Now accepting all forms of payment. Credit,debit, and paypal! Check it out here:
I will be phasing out the blog store here and switching all over to the new site. Some of my more exotic comics will still be available here and Mongo-Bongo art.

Might need a map for these curves

I picked up a brand new body parameter created by the talented content creator
This new body preset gives GF3 a super new curvy body shape. I added some additional morphs of my own to give her that unique Redrobot3D look.  Awesome product and well worth the price.

Send in the clones

I was recently commissioned by a follower of mine over on Deviant art. He requested a series of images based on a cloning theme that he enjoyed using an older V4 model of mine. The first image only used 3 figure and then 4 clones in the next.
Luckily the older V4 models don't use a lot of memory (as opposed to their newer siblings GF2 and GF3).  However having that many figures in the scene did add to the overall posing time. It equaled to posing out two separate scenes for one image.
The client is raising some funds to do some more. So if lesbian clones are your think, perhaps sending some funds our way would help me cover the cost to do more. Enjoy!

With One Partner behind the scenes

Wow! That's all I have to say. Wow! This comic has turned out to be a huge seller! Who knew that's what you were all into haha.  A little back story on this particular comic.

"With One Partner" was originally commissioned from me two years ago from a client. I did the first 28 pages in the original DAZ3D 3D delight engine. During that time I started using Reality to light my scenes. The client  liked the new render engine so much that they had me scrap the first version of the comic and start over in the new render engine.  The model for Charlize, the main character, went from a V4.2 to a GF2.  During the transition she uses two different vagina morphs/props. One even made with a custom texture base. Here are samples of the original version of the comic:

However during the final funding of the comic, the client hit a bit of a snag and had to put the project on hold for several months.
Flash forward to late '15, the client finally had the resource put aside to fin…

Elite3D promos and website update

Hey everyone! Things are moving along great with The general subscription set up is complete. I'm working on some new sets that will be exclusive to the site and will make your membership very worth while! Please keep checking on it as more. In the mean time, here are some new promo images I did for Elite3D!